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Art Class

Art Classes

Semi-Private Classes: All Levels

Ages 7 to 18

Classes are personalized for each student depending on their level(Beginner to Advanced). Classes are small and everyone in the class can work on different projects and media.

New students are evaluated to determine their level by submitting their recent artwork, sketches, or drawing via email. Students will learn a series of projects that will strengthen the skills they need to improve or teach new media they have not experienced before. They can choose from charcoal, pencil, watercolor, soft and oil pastels, and acrylics. Along with the main project, the student will also be learning the concept of design, composition, color theory, contour line, negative-positive space, values, and lots of fun sketching time.

Classes are conducted weekly evenings from September to May.

Class Types

Continuous Learning: Ideal for students who are committed to learning art throughout the school year.

Fall Sessions: Sep to Dec 

Spring Sessions: Jan to May

Mini Sessions: Ideal for students who would like would like to do a trial art class.

6 Sessions, 10 Sessions

(All Sessions can be renewed or upgraded to Fall or Spring Classes)

Adult Classes:  All Levels

Adult classes offer personalized instruction depending on the experience and interests of the participant.  After discussing the interests and objectives of the class, Rashmi suggests a series of projects that will strengthen the skills they need to improve or teach a new medium they have not experienced before. Students can choose from pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, acrylics, and, in some classes, oils.

Classes are conducted weekly or project-based. You can enroll at any time if we have space in the class. 

Classes are conducted on weekday mornings and afternoons 

6 Sessions, 10 Sessions,15 Sessions

(All Sessions can be renewed)


Workshop &Courses

Adults & Teens

Intro To Watercolor

All Levels 

Learn to get started in watercolors. Get introduced to basics, colors, brushes, mixes and paper. Small class size. 

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5 Sessions


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Adults & Teens 

Intro To Oil Painting

Learn about the most classic medium of art, Oil painting.  Get introduced to paint, mediums, mixing, surfaces and brushes.

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4 Sessions


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Adults & Teens

Painting Flowers In Watercolors

All Levels

Watercolor is a beautiful medium to paint flowers . Learn to paint various bouquets of flowers . Get inspired and get to know this fluid ,delicate & vibrant medium

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5 Sessions


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Workshops & Classes

Gift Of Art

Art Classes Gift Card makes the best gift.

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6 Sessions Art Classes Or 4 Sessions Workshops


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