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Artist's Statement

"I believe that my paintings are an experience. A ray of light that highlights the joy, happiness, beauty, and gratitude we can experience, even in things that appear insignificant and invisible during our busy lives. I truly believe art has the quality to relax, transform, heal, and encourage creativity.


I like to work with various mediums - Watercolor for its fluidity, Acrylic for its vibrancy, texture, and versatility, Oil paints for their earthiness and timeless look, and Textile and Wearable arts for their color and decorative qualities. I love to experiment with my paintings and styles.


Art and creativity have always been a part of me, even as a child. To enhance my inner artist, I studied Arts and Design at Sir JJ School of Arts in Mumbai, and Fashion Styling at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  


My paintings & textile arts are inspired by my multicultural background and my experiences with nature and various cultures with their diversity throughout my life and travels. Being of Indian origin, I often paint subjects inspired by India, highlighting the people, beauty, and culture I grew up around. 


I am very thankful for this lovely gift, and I nourish it with self-development and educating others in the arts. I hope you will enjoy these works as much as I enjoyed creating them."

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Rashmi Thakur is a very well-recognized artist currently based in Austin, TX. Her career has expanded greatly over the past 15 years. She has exhibited her paintings solo and with various art groups. She is an active member of Austin's many diverse art communities, including the Waterloo Watercolor Group, the 620 Art Group, the Bee Cave Arts Foundation, and the Creative Art Society, and she contributes art to local charity fundraising events. 

Other than a busy career working on commissions and being active in Fine arts societies, Rashmi believes in giving back to the community in the form of charities, art mentoring, and art education.  Many of her paintings have contributed to charity fundraising events worldwide, like Chinmaya Mission, Riverbend Church, Bee Cave Arts Foundation, HTCCLI, and WTI to name a few. She believes the light of art should be passed on to the next generation and teaches art and various workshops for all ages at her private studio, Art Chakra. She truly believes art has the quality to relax, transform, heal, add positivity, and encourage creative thinking.

Other Than Painting:

Rashmi is a Textile designer and crafty tapestry weaver. She designs hand-silk-painted art & wire-wrapped jewelry.  She practices mindfulness and healthy living, yoga, meditation, journaling, music, nature tracking & long walks at the beach and in the city. She is a big science and art history geek and loves listening to podcasts.

Featured Magazine Interview 

Interested to buy art or commissioning a painting, please get in touch personally.

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